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The GETCA conference for February 29 & March 1, 2024 will be LIVE. We are excited that we get to see everyone in person once again!

Event Details

GETCA 2024 Exhibitor registrations open! 


The Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention is hosted annually at the Edmonton Convention Centre. Our Convention welcomes approximately 9000 delegates from Edmonton Public, Edmonton Catholic, Fort McMurray Public, and Fort McMurray Catholic school districts, who enjoy browsing the exhibit hall. We invite you to apply to become an exhibitor at our in-person event in 2024.

You can apply to become an exhibitor here.

If you have any questions please email Shawna Reagan at [email protected]

Booth Amenities

Please note: This section of our site in currently under construction and the information below may not be accurate at this time.

Booth types, cost, what’s included and power costs.

Booths/Tables: (Costs are without GST, the GST will be added onto the invoice at checkout). Each 10’ x 10’ booth comes with pipe and drape, 3 skirted tables, 2 chairs and professional signage at a cost of $622.25   Double-frontage booths (corner) at a cost of $674.50.  Please see map or click here to view the layout of booths and to identify double-frontage and single- frontage booths. A limited number of separate tables 8’x 3’ are available and located at various spots at a cost of $356.23. Please choose either a booth or table space, not both.  Space is based on a first come first serve basis with priority given to vendors with a focus on EDUCATION and LEARNING SUPPORTS.

Power: One 800w electrical outlet is included with a booth/table. If you require more than one outlet, you can order one and pay for it through GES and Goodkey (see below).

Wifi: We do not have a separate wifi for exhibitors. However, if Exhibitors pay Encore directly, the cost is:

  • $244.75 – Basic Speed 2 devices
  • $296.75 – Payment (POS terminal) 2 devices
  • $342.50 – Plus Speed 2 devices

Coffee: In the past, we have had free coffee set-up for our exhibitors. This year, due to rising costs, we will no longer provide coffee but you will be able to purchase coffee from our food court or one of the many other coffee spots in the area.

GES and GoodKey have additional materials you can order for your booth. These need to be ordered ahead of time using the GES ordering form.  Information coming soon.

Parking and Accommodations

Exhibitors are responsible for their own parking and hotels.

There is limited parking available at the Grierson Parking Lot just south of the Edmonton Conference Centre.  Alternate parking is available at Canada Place, across the street from the Edmonton Conference Centre.  A web search will give you a list of hotels located near the Edmonton Conference Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have 3 booth options

1) a table space 3′ x 8′ for $356.23 plus gst (limited number of tables available)

2) a 10′ x 10′ single frontage booth for $622.25 plus gst

3) a  10′ x 10′ double frontage (corner) booth for $674.50 plus gst 

No, GETCA is a closed convention for teachers only. No outside guests, including children, are allowed. 

No, it is the expectation that all teachers attend their sessions for these two days.  You are paid to attend these sessions.

We do not have a separate wifi for exhibitors. However, if Exhibitors pay Encore directly, the cost is:

  • $244.75 – Basic Speed 2 devices
  • $296.75 – Payment (POS terminal) 2 devices
  • $342.50 – Plus Speed 2 devices

If you were an exhibitor for GETCA last year, you are already registered.  You only need to sign in.

If it is a server error, please try again in a couple of days.  

If you already paid your deposit, you can e-transfer your balance or full payment to [email protected]

Your booth will be held for 30 days for you to make a deposit before it is released.  Full payment of the booths is due and must be paid by December 31st.  After that, booths will be released and deposits will not be refunded.  Cancellations after December 31st are non-refundable.

You can do so now. We strongly encourage exhibitors to register before November 30th.

No, there is parking available downtown at a cost to the user.

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