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Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention Association

The Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention Association is comprised of volunteer teachers from Edmonton Catholic, Edmonton Public, Ft. McMurray, Local representatives, a District representative, and an ATA representative who meet monthly to plan the annual convention.

ATA President's Message

As a teacher, I always impressed on my students the importance of life long learning and that they are fortunate to live in a time that allowed them access to information by merely clicking a button. Teachers know the importance of continuous growth and work hard to refine their teaching practice throughout their careers. Recent changes to the TQS along with the development of the LQS and SLQS has further sparked the need for teachers and school leaders to take a reflective look at their practice. 

Teachers’ convention has always been one of my favourite times of the school year. Not only was I able to connect with colleagues I have not seen in awhile, it was a time of the year that allowed me to refocus my energy around my own professional growth. The ability for teachers to self-direct their own professional growth in the form of the professional growth plan is something that the Association has long deemed important. 

Convention also allowed me the opportunity to seek a variety of different professional development options that I could later expand on if so desired. Not only have I been fortunate to hear some great speakers who have challenged my thinking around pedagogy, or life in general, I have been fortunate to present to my colleagues on my own learning and professional practice. Both opportunities enhanced my teaching and I am grateful to the teachers who volunteer their time and energy to organize conventions for their colleagues across the province. 

Public education in Alberta is one of the best in the world and I credit our success to the hard work and professionalism of teachers and school leaders across the province.

Jason Schilling, Alberta Teachers’ Association President

Convention Venues

GETCA 2024 is LIVE once again! We are very excited to see you in person this year!

Edmonton Convention Centre
(formally known as Shaw Conference Centre) is in the heart of Edmonton’s downtown and overlooks the river valley. The majority of the sessions we offer are found at this location.  You’ll also find our extensive Exhibitor Hall. Our Keynote speakers are also found at this location, in Hall D. 

The Westin
The Westin is located in the heart of Edmonton’s downtown. Most of the sessions held in this location are on the second floor. There is an information booth found on the second floor that can help direct you to your session. 
Please note: that Hall D sessions will be live-cast to a location in the Westin. 

Stanley A. Milner Library
Stanley A. Milner Library is one of our off-site locations. 

Hall D sessions will be live cast to this location


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Parking & Shuttles

Parking is the delegate’s choice.

Shuttles information coming soon!

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