Booth Amenities

Please note: This section of our site in currently under construction and the information below is not accurate at this time.

Booth types, cost, what's included and power costs.

Booths/Tables: Each 10’ x 10’ booth comes with pipe and drape, 3 skirted tables, 2 chairs and professional signage at a cost of $580.   Double-frontage booths (corner) at a cost of $635.  Please see map or click here to view the layout of booths and to identify double-frontage and single- frontage booths. A limited number of separate tables 8’x 3’ are available and located at various spots at a cost of $315.  Please choose either a booth or table space, not both.  Space is based on a first come first serve basis with priority given to vendors with a focus on EDUCATION and LEARNING SUPPORTS.

Power: Each 800w electrical outlet is $85.  Power requested during convention rather than PRIOR to set-up will involve a charge of $150 per outlet.  

GES and GoodKey have additional materials you can order for your booth. These need to be ordered ahead of time using the GES ordering form.  This form can be found here.