Francis Whiskeyjack (Edmonton Regional)

speakerImage Biography: Francis is a fluent Cree and English speaker who completed his Grade 12 Education in Edmonton and committed himself to the principle of lifelong learning. Mr. Whiskeyjack's background is a journey that includes personal healing, cultural studies, health care provision and advocacy work for Aboriginal people. In addition, Mr. Whiskeyjack has served as a drug and alcohol and traditional arts teacher. As a traditional person, Francis strives to walk a balanced, holistic path and live by the teachings handed down to him from his Elders namely the late Joe P. Cardinal. Francis's extensive knowledge about the Medicine Wheel, Aboriginal culture and history, and traditional holistic healing techniques have cast him as a reputable, trusted Elder by many institutions including Alberta Health Services, Edmonton Public School Board, Grant MacEwan University and the University of Alberta. Because of his experiences, he is accepted by many peers and communities of Aboriginal peoples as an Elder.