Brian Pendlebury (Edmonton Regional)

speakerImage Biography: Brian Pendlebury has been a teacher for 11 years at Edmonton Public Schools. He has spent the beginning of his career teaching Junior High social studies and has spent the last 5 years at Strathcona High School teaching social studies AP and political science. In terms of outside the classroom, Brian coaches rugby in and outside of school, and is also actively involved with the schools model UN club. In the Summer of 2017 Brian had the opportunity to go to Israel on scholarship to learn extensively about the Holocaust. At Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial museum in Jerusalem, Brian was immersed in a 25 day program that focused on the teaching of the Holocaust. It was here that he was able to listen to some of the leading professors involved with researching and teaching the Holocaust. He was also able to sit in on the testimony of 7 survivors. From this point Brian has been inspired to continue Holocaust education in Edmonton through educating both students and teachers.