David Chalk (Agency)

speakerImage Biography: Dr. David Chalk is a futurist with a 25 year history of accurately predicting the interaction of humans and machines. Awarded a Doctorate Degree in technology by the University of the Fraser Valley, David presents what audiences need to know to succeed in business, technology and life. Hard to believe, David was born with cognitive brain damage and his parents were told he may not live. Furthermore, in the slim chance he did survive, they were told he would have mental retardation and a grim future. With the help and support of his mother, some teachers and a few librarians, he fought his learning disabilities, the school system and bullying, by developing coping skills and an attitude that gave him a drive to change the world. His life focus has been to keep learning and inspire others labeled with disabilities to know that they may learn differently but they have the same potential as everyone else.