Janine Kolotyluk (Alberta Resident)

speakerImage Biography: Janine is a Professional Home Economist and Community Educator with ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen. She has worked at the Blue Flame Kitchen for 20 years. Currently, her position there involves doing presentations in the community, teaching cooking classes to adults and children, and presenting Healthy Eating classes to Grade 3 to 6 students. She also works on the Blue Flame Kitchen Answer Line and is frequently on 630 CHED on Monday mornings, so you might hear her on the radio or talk to her if you call in for advice! Lindsey joined the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen over 3 years ago after graduating from Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Alberta. After plunging into ATCO’s immersive home economics training, she received her Professional Home Economist designation. In her few years as a home cook, she has gone from burning a pot of water to preparing a turkey dinner for a crowd. She is living proof that anyone can learn to cook gourmet, healthy foods at home.