Michele McCune (Alberta Resident)

speakerImage Biography: Looking for ways to engage families and incorporate more Indigenous content in your Early Learning program? Michele Wilson McCune worked with a group of colleagues to develop a set of Indigenous LIteracy Backpacks to address these needs. Michele became a teacher in 1998 and has taught across the grades in rural and urban settings, as well as abroad in Taiwan and Australia. After receiving her Master of Education Degree in Language and Literacy in 2015, she began working at Our Lady of Peace, a Cree language and culture school. Michele has a special interest in creating lessons and resources incorporating Indigenous content and knowledge into everyday teaching. With the support of funding from the Northern Alberta Reading Specialist Council, Michele and her colleagues created a set of innovative Backpacks, using Indigenous literature and activities, for Kindergarten/Grade 1 students and families with the purpose of building capacity and encouraging home-school connections.