Alvin Lee (GETCA Delegate)

speakerImage Biography: Alvin currently works as a teacher at Ross Shep. With a motto of "the time to relax is when you just don't have time for it", Alvin works to build community in the classroom, the school and surrounding community. His diverse set of experiences help him build unique new models for teaching and assessment in the classroom. Alvin started his early career doing medical research in his undergrad for the University of Toronto and coaching competitive swimming for several Edmonton-based teams. He transitioned into teaching when he found a passion for teaching through swim coaching. Alvin started teaching with the Edmonton public school board in 2012 teaching sciences and found his way into teaching Leadership and Business Finance at Ross Sheppard High School. On his spare time, Alvin is a personal trainer with the City of Edmonton, professional wildlife and food photographer, Coaches competitive swimming, tutors high school sciences (Bio, Chem and Physics) and teaches scuba diving.