Greg Jeffery - Alberta Teachers' Association President

GETCA 2018

Greetings, colleagues, and welcome to the 92nd annual Greater Edmonton

Teachers’ Convention.


Question: Why do you love to attend GETCA?

a) I always look forward to convention as an opportunity to spend time with


b) I learn about new and latest trends in education.

c) I become inspired by new ideas for my classroom.

d) Display land!

e) All of the above and more!


Teachers are the single most important contributor to learner success. Teachers

challenge students, inspire, motivate and plant the seeds for lifelong learning. So

where does a teacher gain his/her energy, inspiration and ideas from?

Opportunity for quality professional development (PD) through teachers’

convention is a great place to start.


Your colleagues on the GETCA organizing committee have been delivering quality

PD for 90 years! It should stagger your mind to think of the number of Alberta

teachers who have had their lives and teaching practice influenced by this annual

conference. I thank and salute each of the members of GETCA for all of their

yearlong work that culminates in this convention.


I trust that this convention will help you enhance your practice, recharge your

batteries and catch up on those often neglected collegial relations. I hope you

enjoy your time at convention and thank you for the important work you do with

Alberta students.


On behalf of Provincial Executive Council, greetings and welcome to GETCA 2018.


Greg Jeffery


Alberta Teachers’ Association