GETCA 2021                February 25 - 26, 2021

We are very excited to launch a new speaker and exhibitor registration process. The work for this new format has been underway since the close of our 2020 convention. The new registration process is set to launch on June 30th, 2020. Please check back then for more details and information. 

We have had a few set backs and our new speaker registration has been delayed until June 30th at the moment. Our Exhibitor registration has also been delayed. Please check back again June 30th for more Exhibitor registration information. We apologize for the delay, but big changes take time, and we want it to be smooth and we have simplified the process.




Keynote & Feature Speakers

See our Online Schedule for a full list of Keynote & Feature Speakers for this years conference.

Ahead By A Century: Learning from the Past, Inspiring the Future

The Alberta Teachers’ Association has a storied past. Over the last century, our members have demonstrated their constant creativity, ingenuity, and compassion and have helped to elevate the reputation of Alberta’s public education system and its teaching profession to a level of excellence that is the envy of international jurisdictions. Ironically, the work of dedicated teachers seems to be increasingly the subject of criticism at a more local level. Join ATA President Jason Schilling to reflect on what Alberta’s teachers have learned over their hundred year journey and what new courses we should set in the years to come.